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Welcome to the QualityConsultant

Welcome to my web page. I am a freelance consultant in quality and requirements management. You will find in me a partner with experience, expertise and reliability, coupled with empathy, good communication skills and the ability to quickly grasp the scope of the task.

A certain amount of creativity always helps me to find new ideas for the benefit of my customers. In doing so, I get to the heart of things and am not afraid to speak plainly on occasion. Additionally, I try to combine my work with an appropriate portion of humour.

In summary: a partner at your level, who is not afraid to lend a hand himself.

My services

Requirements Management

Writing „good requirements“ is not that difficult. But good requirements are an important factor for the success of a project. I will also help you to design the right processes for your company and to introduce methods. And of course I also offer support with the tools.

Project Management with Metrics

I bring transparency into your projects in a simple way and create with you a functioning reporting system up to the level of development management. After some time, your project managers will accept the metrics as a natural part of their work.

Process improvements

I accompany you on your way to achieving your business goals in development, for individual process areas as well as the entire improvement initiative.

In doing so, I draw on many years of experience in the common maturity models.

Quality Management

I introduce reviews and constructive quality improvement measures in your company in such a way that we find the errors before your customers, and your employees do not perceive these measures as bureaucracy.

Training in methods and tools

I teach you complex methods and tools in a very direct and personal way, so that you can use them in practice immediately.

Individual Coaching

Learn from my experience, I will show you practical methods to cope with the daily demands of business.

Establishment, maintenance and further development of quality management systems

Quality management systems only have a benefit if they are accepted and used by the employees. Together, we will build a quality management system that your employees will not only use, but in which they will actively participate.

About me: Klaus Brüggemann

I have been working in the quality management environment for more than 25 years. I started when quality management was still in its infancy in Germany.

So I was able to use, and experience, the important developments as they happened.

What my clients say

Over several years, the consultant has contributed his profound methodological expertise in process and quality management and has been a central support for us. I would like to thank him expressly for his many years of support and would be happy to work with him again at any time.
Head of Methods & Quality
The consultant laid the essential foundations (including topics such as configuration and variant management) for the successful development of the methods and processes in our project through his well-founded expertise in CMMI/SPICE and requirements management.

In presentations, in training sessions and in one-on-one meetings, he was able to convince users and executives of the developed methods with his confident demeanor and win them over for sustainable use in practical projects.

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Project Manager Requirements Management
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The consultant has very successfully communicated the processes and work instructions developed in the context of the ‚Introduction of Requirements Management and Engineering‘ to the users in various workshops.

The workshops conveyed both the process work created with his help and an introduction to the tool-based (DOORS) application and implementation. The feedback of the users to the workshops was always and consistently positive.

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Representative Requirements Management

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